Pre-K (4-5 years old)
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - 8:30-11:30 AM 

Language Arts:  Students practice phonological awareness, rhyming, beginning letter sounds, & identifying syllables.  Hands on activities are used to practice "writing" common words/names and name recognition.  Students enjoy daily story time and theme related books are always available in the reading area.

Math: Math concepts that are introduced include: shapes, colors, number recognition, rote counting, counting objects, and positional words.  Children will also be introduced to basic addition and subtraction, simple story problems, and patterning.

Science and Social Studies: Students will be engaged in a variety of science discovery throughout the year.  These concepts are taught through hands on science experiments and in our Science/STEM center.  Children will also learn and discuss age appropriate historical events and the world around us.

Bible Time: Bible stories and songs are shared daily with the children.  We also attend weekly    chapel in the sanctuary.

Gross Motor Skills : Faith Preschool has a large gym facility that is a part of our daily routine.  Children will engage in large motor skill activities such as riding scooters, playing tag, bean bag games, free play and much more.

Art Activities: Creating art projects is a fundamental activity that allows students to experiment with scissors, glue, paint and a variety of materials.  This is a great time for the students to practice their skills with color and shape identification too!

Listening Skills: Listening skills are an integral part of the preschool day.  Children learn to listen to teachers, classmates and other adults.  They practice following multi step directions which will help prepare them for their next educational step.